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Danvers First Touch

WINTER SKILLS Soccer Training

Designed for the Town Players in Essex County


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best to prepare today”

We are excited to offer its now 6th year off season winter training for those players who want to learn and develop at very reasonable pricing and by very talented coaches. This training opportunity was created for those players who want more during the off season.


All sessions are at Danvers Indoor Sports

Age Groups: Girls: Pre-K to HS  /  Boy’s: Pre-K to HS 

  • Each week our coaching staff will structure sessions that will challenge each player individually
  • All sessions will consist of lots of touches "repetition" always instructing to use proper technique.
  • Our goal is to get all players to have more command of the ball, telling the ball what to do faster, on the ground & in the air.  "Not the Ball controlling you"
  • A good first touch, speed of control & speed of mind will help create smart player.  “THINKERS”
  • Help create more explosive players by concentrating on the first touch and speed of control.



These training sessions are designed to challenge each player individually (technically and tactically), the sessions are age appropriate so they learn and develop the skills needed at a young age quicker, help setting a good foundation. Players develop by practicing (repetition), touching the ball with proper technique over & over so they the player is controlling the ball, telling the ball what to do. (Not the ball controlling the player). The foundation of development happens when they are young, kids learn and development by doing, listening and watching, which happens at practice more so then games. This is a great opportunity to help your child grow as a player. At the younger ages we are able to accept more players, where at the older ages we need to lower the amount of players we are able to accept due to field space. We do have a registration limit so please sign up early.



Cost: $190.00 (18 Total Training Sessions) Includes training sessions and training T-shirt

Dates (Saturday Mornings): November 17, 2018 - March 30, 2019 (No sessions on 12-29-18 & 2-23-19)

Location: Danvers Indoor Sports

Training Times:

8:00am: Pre K / K  /  Grade 3/4 Boys (U10)  /  Grade 3/4 Girls (U10)  /  Grade 5-8 Boys (U12/U14)

9:00am: Grade 1/2 Girls (U8)  /  Grade 5/6 Girls (U12)

10:00am: Grade 1/2 Boys (U8)  /  Grade 7/8+ Girls (U14/HS)


Danvers First Touch Coach Staff:

Michael Blanch / Edgar de Leon, M.Ed. / Bryan Lee / Nate Lamar / Eric Chajon / assistance from many High School players.


General Information or Questions:

Michael Blanch or Edgar de Leon